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Prevention and control health of kindergartens


Kindergartens are collective places for many people. Children gather and contact closely in collective places. Once there are cases of infectious diseases, it is easy to cause the spread of diseases. In order to ensure the healthy growth of every child, it is necessary to do a good job of disinfection before and after the start of school, so as to effectively avoid cross infection after the start of school, which is also an effective measure to reduce diseases and place infectious diseases.


Yiqile hereby shares the new disinfection standards for kindergartens in China:


Before school opens


1——Requirements for returning kindergarten staff:


1.1 before returning to work, he / she shall be in good health without any disease or suspected disease. It is better to have a test report.


1.2 after arriving at the post, before the termination of the prevention and control period, all employees shall take temperature measurement once a day in the morning and at noon, and make records.

1.3 those who have fever and cold symptoms shall be isolated for medical treatment in time and cooperate with the health and epidemic prevention department to do a good job in prevention and control.

2——Hygienic disinfection requirements for kindergartens:


2.1 Healthcare Room:


*There are mobile water hand washing facilities in the health care room, equipped with morning and daytime health examination equipment, including: thermometer, observation bed for children, flashlight;

*Disinfectant, ultraviolet disinfection lamp or other air disinfection devices;

*Reserve masks, disposable medical gloves, protective clothing and other protective articles

2.2 Temporary isolation site:


*Set up a relatively independent disinfection space, and away from the classroom, kitchen and children's activity area, to keep the light and ventilation in the room.

*Equipped with children's observation bed, mobile water hand washing facilities, etc., it is better to have a separate toilet.

*Set up a reminder to avoid other people entering by mistake.

3——Public places in the kindergarten:


*Do a good job in the preventive disinfection of public places in the park. The cleaner disinfects the public places, outdoor large toys, stairways, staircases, toilets and doorknobs every day, and cleans them with chlorine containing disinfectant solution. After 30 minutes, clean them with clean water. Keep on carrying out environmental sanitation improvement.

*On the day before the start of school, the kindergarten shall comprehensively check the deployment of epidemic prevention work, disinfect the environment of the park again, and prepare for the school opens.

4——Activity room, Sleep room, Office and Special classroom:


4.1 Do a good job of sterilization and ventilation in advance. Use a disinfectant containing effective chlorine concentration of 500mg / L to wipe and disinfect indoor furniture, towel grids, water cup grids, beds, toy racks, toy storage baskets and the surfaces of objects that children can touch.Operation sequence: Cleaning - Disinfection - Cleaning.

4.2 For children's toys, use a disinfectant with an effective chlorine concentration of 250mg / L to soak for 30 minutes, then wash with clean water once, and put it in a ventilated place to dry. Class books can be exposed to the sun for 4 hours for disinfection.



5.1 Post the "correct hand washing diagram" in the eye-catching place of the hand washing place, guide children to learn the correct hand washing method, and wipe and disinfect the surface of faucet, toilet door and garbage can with the disinfectant containing the effective chlorine concentration of 500mg / L.

5.2 Urinal and toilet are disinfected with disinfectant with effective chlorine concentration of 500mg / L, and the toilet is kept clean and dry without dirt and peculiar smell.



6.1 Do a good job in the supervision of food and drinking water

6.2 Disinfect cooking utensils, children's dining utensils and towels to prepare for school.

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